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Quick Links Newsletter N° 24 | December, 2016

1- Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: a health condition that is still unknown by many professionals and the general public alike - Feature Article
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Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES): a very serious health disorder that has somehow fallen in a black hole between neurology and psychology 

Our feature article in this quarterly issue focuses on a serious health condition that is seen with quite a bit of frequency at epilepsy centers across the country and the globe: psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES).  

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Epilepsy Star: Margaret Mendez
Epilepsy Star: Margaret Mendez

Margaret Mendez has been chosen as an Epilepsy Star because of her passion in fighting for epilepsy awareness and raising the bar for the standard of care and compassion.  She has lived with epilepsy for many years of her life but has never let this stop her and by the looks of it, she is going stronger than ever.

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Epilepsy Survey results
Epilepsy Survey results

Every issue, we feature a survey that has been posted on our homepage and where our visitors have had the chance to show how much they know about epilepsy and seizures.  

Over the last few months we asked our visitors if epilepsy is the most common neurological condition in humans?  Or if there are other neurological conditions that are more common.  

The answers revealed....

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Our epilepsy community of patients, family, friends and doctors has been busy
Our epilepsy community of patients, family, friends and doctors has been busy

Patients, family members, friends, doctors, office managers, nurses, and staff family members have all been extra-busy these last few months raising much needed funds for epilepsy and psychogenic non-epileptic seizure disorders, raising much needed awareness, and being an integral part of the seizure disorders community both in New Jersey and New York.  Read all about the activities NEREG and their patients have been a part of this year!

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Support Groups


Our support groups are back up and running through September 2016 to June 2017!


Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures (PNES) support group
Third Tuesday of the month until June: From 12-1PM

The group is for patients at our NEREG PNES program diagnosed with PNES who have completed treatment or who are advanced in their current treatment. Unfortunately, the group is not open to anyone who has not gone through our treatment program because the demand would be too great for our conference call. The group meets to touch base, to go over current problems that may have arisen for group members associated to PNES, for general support and comradery, and to continue to be part of the PNES community.

Joining a group is easy!
• All 60-minute sessions are held through GoToMeeting® 
• Each group is kept small in order to encourage friendship and optimal discussion time (8-10 participants.)
• All groups are led by a facilitator who is knowledgeable about psychogenic non-epileptic seizures. 
• Confidential.
• Participation in this facilitated discussion is expected and encouraged. You are not on camera, so come in your PJs.


If you are a NEREG patient, have epilepsy and would be interested in a similar group, please contact In the past, we tried to establish an on-line group like this for our patients with epilepsy but there was limited attendance-but who is to say that we can't try again and with better results?


Epilepsy on the Move: Stay Tuned for upcoming epilepsy and seizure disorder events and news in 2017
Epilepsy on the Move: Stay Tuned for upcoming epilepsy and seizure disorder events and news in 2017

Stay tuned because there are a ton of epilepsy and seizure disorder events and activities coming up in 2017 including the upcoming International Epilepsy Day in February, our NYC bike-a-thon and Dr. Eric Segal's lecture at the Sturge Weber Conference. 

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