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Epilepsy Survey Results: How do you keep safe?

Safety is always an important topic to consider when living with seizures and epilepsy.  We asked our website visitors how they keep safe and whether they use any of the following options and here are the answers to the survey.

Survey results: How do you keep safe with epilepsy and seizures?

Answer: These are the most recent survey results

23 votes 

- Use a Medical information charm: 26%

- Carry a card with all your medical information: 30%

- Use a Seizure detection device: 22%

- Have a seizure service animal: 4%

- Other: 17%

It appears that the three most commonly used methods to stay safe with seizures are: using a medical alert bracelet, carrying a card with all pertinent medical information, and using a seizure detection device. Some people who responded may be using more than one or all three which might be a good idea. 

A couple of the seizure detection devices we have featured in past issues include:





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