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Epilepsy Activities in 2012: Walks, epilepsy education, Purple Day

Our Patients and the Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group have been REALLY busy the first half of 2012.  Our teams went on four epilepsy walks, held two epilepsy conferences for patients and loved ones, celbrated Purple Day with a vengeance in NY and NJ, and launched a new wellness in epilepsy initiative.

Epilepsy Walks 2012:
In less than 6 months, the team raised $11,733.75! All donations to our team went to the National and NJ, CT, and NENY Epilepsy Foundations.  We thank our fabulous team captains: Kelly Friedman, Shelby Santucci, and Drs. Laban-Grant and Myers. We also thank the incredible fundraisers we had on our teams!

$6704 National Epilepsy Walk in Washington, DC on March 31, 2012. Grand total of 29 team members! 

$1170 Epilepsy Foundation of Connecticut Sharon’s Ride, Run and Walk on April 6, 2012 with 4 team members

$ 2484.75 Walk for a Brighter Tomorrow Seaside Heights, NJ April 6, 2012. Grand total of 54 team members!

$ 1375 Stroll for Epilepsy in the Hudson Valley with 5 team members

Epilepsy Education:
Our epilepsy doctors have been out in the community spreading epilepsy awareness and education all the way from Newburgh, NY to Staten Island, NY. We thank Drs. Lambrakis, Berry, Mesad, Fertig, Lancman, and Trobliger for donating their weekends to do this. 

April 28, 2012: The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group launched its Epilepsy Knowledge is power drive for the year 2012 in Newburgh, NY.  The conference was packed.  This was the agenda:
Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment options: new and newer - Dr. Chris Lambrakis
Epilepsy and autism - Dr. Stephanie Berry
Social security benefits in epilepsy - Adrienne Arkontaky, Esq

May 5, 2012: Staten Island hosted Epilepsy: knowledge is Power. 
Epilepsy diagnosis and treatment options: new and newer - Dr. Salah Mesad
Epilepsy treatment and issues in Men and Women: they are not the same - Dr. Evan Fertig
Epilepsy and memory Problems: is it possible to improve them? - Dr. Robert Trobliger
Epilepsy: Natural treatments: what you need to know - Dr. Evan Fertig

The American Academy of Neurology 2012
Dr. Evan Fertig and Melissa Flemming presented a poster in New Orleans, LA.  Adjunctive Therapy with Lacosamide for Older Epilepsy Patients

Purple Day for Epilepsy:
On March 26 our offices turned PURPLE for epilepsy!  All the way from Hackensack, NJ, Middletown, Manhattan, and White Plains, NY our staff wore purple and baked purple goodies.  We thank Kelly and Kim for organizing this. 
Pictures can be viewed here:

Wellness in Epilepsy:

Last year we started our wellness in epilepsy initiative by inviting a certified personal trainer to demonstrate safe mat pilates at our November epilepsy conference held in Manhattan, NY and an art therapist to demonstrate an exercise in our Brooklyn, NY conference.

This year, we have been lucky to have a generous and talented patient volunteer her time to start a knitting club that has been running weekly since April 13.  Our doctors donated the yarn and needles.  Several patients who had never even held knitting needles signed up and by now have completed not one but several projects.  You can see the pictures of their progress here:

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