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Dear visitors,

Welcome! Our epilepsy program was founded in 1998 with the goals of providing exceptional medical quality and care built around patient needs.

In order to accomplish exceptional medical quality, we assembled some of the most talented physicians from around the country, recruiting only board certified neurologists who had completed specialty training at the top American academic epilepsy centers. We committed to providing round the clock, seven day-a-week availability to patients by these highly trained epilepsy doctors (never by doctors in training). We also placed our epilepsy experts close to where patients live rather than expecting patients to travel to them.
In a little over a decade, that model practice that we started sprouted into a dynamic and vital program that now serves the tri-state region. In recent years, we are proud to have achieved Level 4 designations in four of our hospital-based epilepsy programs. We have opened 17 offices throughout the region, have 16 hospital based epilepsy-monitoring units and supervise specialty clinics for unique disorders in epilepsy.

To accomplish our second goal of treatment built around patient needs, we listened carefully to our patients. They spoke of encountering obstacles and even sometimes discrimination because of their epilepsy. We heard from parents that they needed help with their children's schools, adults who needed assistance for work and transportation, and that available entitlements were often confusing and hard to locate. Many patients spoke of feeling depressed or anxious. In order to support our patients in these areas, we assembled a large and unmatched team of neuropsychologists, clinical psychologists, social workers, and epilepsy advocates. The sole purpose of this group is to assist patients to steer successfully through the many emotional, school, work and social needs that patients with epilepsy may encounter over a lifetime.

I invite you to take a few minutes to visit the rest of our site and hope you will come see us in person in the near future.

Marcelo Lancman, MD


The cause of epilepsy is unknown in:

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Brain Health Initiative 2017

Brain Health Initiative 2017

June 21, 2017

Lincoln Park, Jersey City (Rain or shine)

The Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group will have a booth staffed by two of our staff who will be handing out information on epilepsy to the public as well as fun giveaways. 

Webinar: Treating PNES and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using prolonged exposure therapy

Webinar: Treating PNES and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) using prolonged exposure therapy

Wed, Jun 7, 2017

Lorna Myers, Ph.D.

Registration cost: free
Audience: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychotherapists, neurologists

We keep moving forward in our fight against epilepsy

Annual Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Conference

Annual Northeast Regional Epilepsy Group Conference

October 28, 2017

Morristown Medical Center
100 Madison Ave, Morristown, NJ 07960 

Simultaneous all-day conferences on adult and childhood epilepsy and psychogenic non epileptic seizures taught by epileptologists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, social workers, registered dieticians, and nurses who specialize in epilepsy and seizures. 

Survey results

The cause of epilepsy is unknown in:

Answer: The cause of epilepsy is unknown in about two thirds of epilepsy cases! Known causes in the other third, include tumors, strokes, infections, head trauma, oxygen deprivation, among others.

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Half of all epilepsy cases
Two thirds of all epilepsy cases
Almost all epilepsy cases
The cause is always identified