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Distinguishing epilepsy from non-epileptic seizures using Video-EEG monitoring - Christos Lambrakis M.D.

Introduction to NEREG's annual epilepsy meeting 2014 - Marcelo Lancman, MD

Epilepsy emergencies and how to prevent them 2014 - Marcelo Lancman, MD

Introduction to epilepsy and seizures 2014 - Christos Lambrakis M.D.

Epilepsy surgery 2014 - Arno H. Fried, MD, FACS

Post-traumatic epilepsy 2014 - Enrique Feoli MD

Tumors and epilepsy - Jeffrey M. Politsky, MD, MSc, FRCP(C)

Epilepsy in women 2014 - Olgica Laban-Grant, MD

Social Security benefits for persons with epilepsy and disabilities 2014 - Adrienne J. Arkontaky, Esq.

Mental health issues in epilepsy 2014 - Salah Mesad, M.D.

Transition planning for adults with epilepsy 2014 - Adrienne Arkontaky

Autism and epilepsy: a comprehensive medical approach 2014 - Eric BJ Segal, M.D.

Pediatric epilepsy syndromes 2014 - Stefanie Jean-Baptiste Berry, MD

Alternative treatments for epilepsy 2014 - Enrique Feoli MD

Diet treatments for epilepsy 2014 - Angela Samuels, RD CNSC

Medical marijuana for epilepsy 2014 - Philippe Douyon, MD

Choosing the right medical treatment for epilepsy 2014 - Neelima Thakur, MD.

Quality of life and wellness in Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures - Dr. Lorna Myers

Treating patients diagnosed with psychogenic non-epileptic seizures and PTSD - Dr. Lorna Myers

Introduction to psychogenic non-epileptic seizures conference - Dr. Lorna Myers

Treating PNES through relaxation techniques and mindfulness- Urmi Vaidya Mathur, LCSW

Taking care of the PNES caregivers-Urmi Vaidya Mathur, LCSW

How is neuropsychological testing used for psychogenic seizures- Rob Trobliger, Ph.D.

Surviving and thriving in school with epilepsy- Rob Trobliger, Ph.D.

Epilepsy and Autism-Dr. Stefanie Berry

New, alternative and experimental treatments for epilepsy - Dr. Olga Laban

Epilepsy Emergencies: how to recognize and how to respond? - Dr. John Pellock

Treating Epilepsy with newer anti-epileptic drugs - Dr. John Pellock

Treating epilepsy with classic anti-epileptic medications - Dr. John Pellock

Lennox Gastaut syndrome - Dr. Felicia Gliksman

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex-Dr. Stephen Thompson

Surviving and thriving in school with epilepsy - Dr. Robert Trobliger

Is Epilepsy Inherited-Dr. Evan Fertig

Dravet's Syndrome explained-Dr. Evan Fertig

Diagnóstico y tratamiento de epilepsia-Dr. Marcelo Lancman

Diagnosing and treating epilepsy-Dr. Marcelo Lancman

Cirugia para la epilepsia-Dr. Marcelo Lancman

Epilepsy: supplements and vitamins-are they safe and what about generics and brand name? Dr. Enique Feoli

Epilepsy Life Links for New York City - Urmi Vaidya, Social worker

Recursos para epilepsia en Nueva York - Dra. Lorna Myers

Estrategias para afrontar la depresion en epilepsia - Dra. Lorna Myers

Strategies to deal with depression in epilepsy - Dr. Lorna Myers

School accommodations for children with disabilities - Dr. Alex Fertig

Epilepsy Basics in Jersey City - Dr. Evan Fertig

Getting fit with epilepsy-Adeola Sonaike Family Resources NJ

Epilepsy resources in New Jersey - Andrea Racioppi

Epilepsy-what's new? - Dr. Evan Fertig