Epilepsy Information

Avoiding Triggers for Seizures

It is very important to know what factors can cause or precipitate seizures in order to avoid them. This is a very important step to prevent seizures. In this part we will describe these factors and some recommendations on how to avoid them.

Concept of threshold: We all have a threshold (a bar) for seizures. Some people were born with a high threshold and some others with a lower one. If we add a stressor (like sleep deprivation, hyperventilation, etc.) that threshold may move downwards and a seizure may occur more easily (break through).  

Factors that could precipitate seizures
• Sleep deprivation
• Traveling across time zones
• Hyperventilation
• Emotional Stress
• Fever or illness
• Exposure to flickering lights and different screens
• Reflex epilepsies
• Time of the day
• Environmental temperature
• Hormonal changes
• Missing medications
• Medications and supplements
• Alcohol and illicit drugs